Dead Stop!

Posted on Mon Nov 8th, 2021 @ 9:02pm by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant Commander John Dory & Yelgrun & First Avakat'tug & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Thetteth Sh'zorrerh & Lieutenant Sharl Ra'ito & Lieutenant Kagami Ishizaka & Ensign Wintrow Paragon

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Bridge, USS Britannic

Sharl was on the floor looking at the ceiling, or at least in the direction of the ceiling he could not see because the bridge was dark. He leaned against the engineering console trying to recall what had just happened. "Anyone there?" He called out.

Naois tried to roll with his fall as he was launched from his seat. He grunted as his body hit the deck, seeing stars for a moment as he came to a stop. "What happened," he grunted, as he tried to push himself up into a sitting position.

It took Lukas a few moments to come to his senses and realise where he was and what had happened. Then realisation sunk in as he remembered the prison pod. "Lieutenant Sh'zorrerh, eject the prison pod, now!" He barked as he scrambled to his feet.

Wet. There was something wet on Kagami's face. She wiped at he nose and winced and realized she might have broken it when her face had slammed against her console on the way to the deck. She staggered to her feet, found her seat, started pressing buttons.

Nothing. She heard the captain order for the prison pod to be released, knew things had just gone from bad to worse. The only thing that might salvage the situation is if that idiot Dory had broken his neck.

"Ops is down, sir!" she called out as she looked across the bridge to see if any system at all was online. If she could get just one station running she could reconfigure it to act as Operations...

Thett popped up, huffed her pain out, and attempted to eject the pod from the tactical station. Which, judging by the error message and flicker, was not going to work. "No ejection," she tapped the panel again, harder, but to the same result, "Pod unresponsive, scanners down."

"Is anything working?" Fredricks asked looking around the darkened bridge.

Sitting up and allowing his eyes to adjust to the darkness, Naois listened intently. "I do not believe anything is working," he said softly, "I recommend we send a security team up to manually detach the pod."

"That sounds like a good idea," Kagami noted as she slowly made her way to the first aid kit. She said, "I am going to retrieve the medical tricorder; if it is working than whatever this is is just affecting the ship. But if all equipment is affected then we could be looking at some sort of dampening field."

Sharl heaved himself back onto his feet. "Warp and impulse off line. All major systems are down, including life support. Auxiliary power is online, but only at forty-seven percent." He called out.

Fredricks sighed, "Lieutenant Sh'zorrerh, take a security team up to the pod controls and jettison it, we'll pick them up later if need be. Where the hell is Dory?" He asked as he looked around the bridge confused that he couldn't see the mission advisor.

Thett tried the turbo lift doors, then sighed and pried them open. Comms offline, she couldn't call for a security team to be ready, but if she made it to the armory, she could collect enough officers to construct an inpromptu team. She stepped onto the long ladder down into the ship, then closed the doors behind her as much as she could.

Kagami froze. Dory was missing? She tried to recall whether or not she had seen or heard a transporter effect. Nope. And there would have been the distinctive sound of a door opening...she thought. So if Dory had not left the bridge by conventional means he should have been there.

"Captain," she said slowly as she looked about, her face a mess from the bloody nose, "Perhaps I might seem paranoid and Dory is crawled up under a console somewhere, but is it too unlikely a scenario that a changeling trapped in the Alpha Quadrant might take this opportunity to hitch a ride on Britannic to get home? Or a changeling was sent along as an observer?"

If she were a changeling what would she turn into? The deck? Perhaps. She began counting chairs to see if there was one too many...

At the helm, Wintrow was rubbing his chest. When the ship had come to a dead stop, he'd been thrown forward into his console. "They really should install some kind of warning sound if a ship drops to a stop just like that," he groaned, wincing as he touched a sore spot.

Fredricks was about ask his ops officer when lights from transporter beams started dotting up around the bridge. Before anyone could do anything they were surrounded by Jem'Hadar soldiers holding Federation phaser rifles.

Halfway up to his feet, Naois froze as a Jem'Hadar soldier materialized right in front of him. He knew they were no match whatsoever to them, if it were to come to a fight. But still...shouldn't they try to stop them? Given the soldier's proximity, he briefly wondered if he'd been spotted at all. Turning his head, he locked eyes with Fredricks, fully aiming to try and tackle the soldier. As a Vulcan, or rather half Vulcan, wasn't he supposed to possess superior strength, compared to a Human?

Fredricks saw the look in his first officers eyes and slowly shook his head. He knew the Jem'Hadar weren't very forgiving and silly actions could lead to unnecessary deaths. He looked at the closest Jem'Hadar who seemed to be visually scanning the bridge.

"Where's the Andorian?" He barked.

"There's several on Britannic, you need to be more specific." Fredricks replied.

The Soldier didn't take too kindly to the Captain's response and used the butt of the rifle to hit Fredricks clean in the forehead. "The security chief, where is she?!"

Lukas collapsed onto the floor, blood pouring out of the fresh cut on his forehead.

As a medical officer, Naois knew that head wounds tended to appear more serious than they actually were, with the copious amount of blood that tended to pour from them. His blue eyes flashed however, at the sight of seeing the captain go down. "I do not know," he answered the verbal soldier, "what do you want from her."

"She's meant to be on duty but isn't here, tell me where she is or I'll start killing your crew." The Jem'Hadar insisted as he aimed the rifle at Ensign Paragon.

Naois struggled up to his feet and put himself between the soldier and the helmsman. "She was sent to check on the prison pod, however I do not know where she is at this point," he said, "and since all power is down, I have no means to check her actual location." Which was the truth.

Kagami glanced from one Jem Hadar to the other. She did not see any actual way to fight back but that did not mean she could not wait for the right opportunity. The last thing she wanted to do was draw attention to herself, nor give the enemy any aid. She noted the Federation phaser rifles in their hands and wondered where they got them from. And why did they want to know about Sh'zorrerh? Perhaps they just wanted to make certain they knew where all the department heads were.

"May I retrieve the first aid kit?" she asked the nearest Jem Hadar as she gingerly wiped at her bloody nose, "I would like to treat my superior's injury."

"Move and I'll kill you." Grunted another Jem'Hadar Soldier, who pointed his weapon on the Lieutenant's direction.

Suddenly, another 3 transporter beams appeared at the rear of the bridge. Yelgrun, First Avalat'tug and Commander Dory. "Why is the Captain injured? I said no injuries or fatalities." Dory said as he walked towards the front of the bridge flanked by the Jem'Hadar First and Vorta. "Get Commander Mercy a medkit." He ordered looking at one of the soldiers.

Being handed the medkid, forced the first officer to move and give up being in between the soldier and the helmsman, who seemed unaware of a weapon being trained on him. Naois knelt at Fredriks' side and quickly treated the bleeding injury. He took a moment longer to check him over, then quickly slid a laser scalpel up his sleeve. Giving Fredriks a silent nod, he then moved over to the helmsman. "Are you alright ensign?" he asked quietly, while quickly scanning the young pilot.

"Yes sir," Wintrow lied, "I can manage."

Naois nodded, sensing the lie. "When this is over, report to sickbay." He stood and looked around the bridge. "Any other injured that need treatment?" he asked, raising his voice.

"My nose is broken," Kagami replied, never taking her eyes off the closest Jem Hadar, "It can wait until after we hear why Commander Dory's staged a mutiny with the help of the Dominion."

"Oh forgive me." Dory smiled. His shape began to change in a bronze liquid shimmer. His facial features changed to those more familiar with the Founders. "As you can see, there is no mutiny. My men are simply following orders." He grinned.

The Vulcan's eyes flashed furiously as he moved over to Kagami. "Hold still," he told her, while straightening her nose in a quick move before running the dermal regenerator across her face. Putting it away, he pulled out a hypospray, slapped in a brightly coloured vial and pressed it to her neck. "Inform me if you continue to experience discomfort," he ordered her.

Kagami was caught off guard by the Vulcan's quick and efficient resetting of her nose and before the pain set in she felt the effects of the hypo spray counteract it. All the same she knew she was going to be sporting some bruises later.

She was about to say something acerbic to the Founder but antagonizing it seemed counter productive. She glanced at the XO and murmured, "Thanks."

Naois gave her a quiet nod before returning to the Captain's side, protectively looming over him as he glared at the Founder. "What do you want," he demanded through gritted teeth and barely maintained control.

"We simply want a lift to our new home. Hence why I insisted on Britannic rather than that garbage scowl of a prison transport." Dory replied. "Is your Captain ok?" He asked as he stepped closer.

"He is fine," the first officer scowled, firmly standing his ground as the Founder stepped closer, "and you were already brought to your new home, so hijacking this vessel was unnecessary."

Kagami cocked her head, "Wait a moment, Commander. He said 'new home'. I don't think they have any intention of taking these Jem Hadar and Vortaa back to the Dominion."

She turned to the changeling, "Are you some sort of outcast? Do you represent some other faction? If so then you would need followers, wouldn't you? Is that why your people are armed with Federation technology, because it's a matter of settling for whatever you can get your hands on?"

The changling smiled, "You're a bright one. I sense you will go far in your career. Yes, we are not members of the Dominion. We are members of a separate faction. Our numbers were small but I was able to recruit these soldiers and Vorta while they were in prison. Now, we have the makings of an army."

"If I may ask a question, just how do you plan to reach this new home of yours with the Britannic in its current condition?" Sharl asked. "Will my team be allowed to make repairs to the ship's systems or have you arranged alternate transportation?"

"You're an excellent engineer Mr Ra'ito but you missed the computer program I placed in Britannic's database. All this will be rectified shortly once my team have secured Engineering and input the correct codes to disable the program." Dory replied. "There's a planet outside of Dominion space we will be heading to. It was part of the old iconian empire centuries ago."

"And what makes you think we will comply and take you there?" Naois challenged, "or that starfleet will not send reinforcements to intercept this vessel?"

Kagami knew this was a dangerous game; if they antagonized their captors too much it was possible they might shooting some of them if only to shut them up. She had seen behavior like that from some pirates.

But...they needed answers, to know what the faux Dominion Founder had in mind. She smirked and said, "Something tells me they haven't thought that far ahead, Commander."

There, she thought. Now to see if their ego proved too much for their mouth to stifle...

Just then main power came back online. Dory smiled, "I see my engineers have rectified the problem. We shall be on our way shortly. You all seem to forget, we out number you 3 to 1. I suggest you order your crew to comply or we will begin terminating those who become a problem."

3 to 1? Kagami frowned at that. Was the Founder including the prisoners in the pod in that number? If so he either already had recruited them before they got into the pod, or he was arrogantly assuming they were going to follow him to whatever new kingdom he was creating. If the power was back on it was only a matter of time before they tracked down Sh'zorrerh's comm badge and tracked her down.

Unless she could spoof the sensors somehow, make it seem like someone else was Sh'zorrerh. Anyone else. Preferably someone far away from the bridge.

"Captain," she said to Fredricks, "Permission to re-take my station," she glanced at Dory, "Whatever he might say about what he did I don't trust that his people did a proper job and we need to make sure critical systems are stable."

She turned to Dory and smiled with all the sweetness of arsenic, "An accidental warp core breach would spoil your plans, I would imagine."

No, Naois didn't believe they had thought that far ahead either. His anger was reaching boiling point as he listened to the Founder speak. "Instead of hijacking a Starfleet vessel, you could have just asked for assistance," he said through gritted teeth. His left hand was now balled into a very tight fist and anyone knowing him well enough, would see he was preparing to throw a good punch at the Founder.

Fredricks knew he had a concussion, he didn't feel well at all but needed to push past it for his crew. He slowly pushes himself up off the floor. "As long as my crew is unharmed, we will remain at our stations and take you wherever you need to go." He said as he steadied himself on a nearby chair.

Dory smiled, "Very well, I'll let your crew stay at there posts..." First Avalat'tug puffed angrily and was about to interject when the Founder simply raised his hand to stop him. "...if you tell me where the Andorian is?"

Fredricks shook his head, "We told you, she went, as ordered, to find out what was going on. Now you have sensors back online perhaps you could locate her yourself."

"My dear, Captain. That was the wrong answer. Lieutenant Sh'zorrerh is an excellent officer and by now probably figured out what's going on and already making attempts to undermine us. She won't get very far." Dory smiled. "Take the bridge crew to the conference room and lock them in there. Seal all crew quarters. Turn the shuttle and cargo bays into holding areas."

"Yes, my lord." The First said as he took a step towards Britannic's first officer. "Make my day, Vulcan." He said through gritted teeth before motioning with his head to walk towards the conference room.

The Captain saw his first officer begin to lose his cool and decided to step in. "That's enough, we will comply." Lukas said before turning to the Founder. "Do not hurt my crew."

"I don't want to hurt them, just need to borrow your ship for a while." Dory smiled.

Naois allowed himself to be led away, but his expression spoke volumes and his body was tense.

A Jem'Hadar soldier grabbed Fredricks by the arms and aggressively pushed him forward. "Move! All of you."

Seeing his boss being shoved like that, Naois stopped and turned. "Do not touch him!" he snapped, taking a full swing at the soldier. He didn't, however, pause to see what effect it had. Instead he instantly turned to Lukas and reached out to steady him.

One of the Jem'Hadar soldiers didn't take to kindly to the Vulcan saying this and replied with the butt of his rifle into the Blonde haired Vulcan's stomach. "I suggest you do as you're told, Vulcan."

Kagami wanted to phaser the smug smile off Dory's face but seeing what had happened to the XO reminded her of the slight power discrepancy her side was suffering from. She kept her hands at her side and allowed herself to be led to the conference room, all the while making sure the doctor had the first aid kit with her. The first aid kit was equipped with a medical tricorder. If the Jem Hadar left them alone in the room then perhaps there might be some way of fighting back with whatever they had at hand...