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Into the Gamma

Posted on Mon Oct 11th, 2021 @ 8:08pm by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant Commander John Dory & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy & Lieutenant Thetteth Sh'zorrerh & Lieutenant Sharl Ra'ito & Lieutenant Kagami Ishizaka
Edited on on Sat Oct 16th, 2021 @ 10:53am

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Bridge, USS Britannic
Timeline: 30th November, 2375 - 1730 Hours

It had been 12 hours since Britannic had arrived in the Gamma Quadrant. They were on route to coordinates they'd been given by the Dominion for the prisoner exchange. The bridge was quiet, he knew his crew was on edge. He couldn't blame them, he was too. Going into the dragons lair so soon after the end of the war seemed very risky but orders were orders. He decided to drum up some small talk.

"I'm guessing this is everyone's first time in the Gamma Quadrant?" He asked as he looked around the bridge at his senior officers.

"It's not exactly Risa, captain." Thett remarked.

"I do not recall ever having traveled here," the first officer commented.

Kagami had been a bundle of nerves ever since Britannic had crossed through the wormhole, she wondered how everyone else could be so calm.

"Not me, sir," she replied. There was a pause, then she added, "On Earth, centuries ago, I believe there used to be a ceremony held for sailors who had crossed the equator for the first time. Maybe someday they will have one for people who crossed over into the Gamma Quadrant?"

Fredricks let out a small chuckle, "Maybe, Lieutenant. I have to say we've heading over to the Gamma Quadrant a lot sooner than I had anticipated. It's not a nice feeling I have to say."

"This is my first time too." Dory piped up from the counselor's vacant seat. "Although, I'm not sure why you should be worried, we have a treaty after all. We aren't here to invade, simply repatriate those who belong here."

"Treaties tend to get broken, usually in a ones-sided fashion," Naois countered, "and I have no doubt this treaty will not last."

"Nor have I been here."Sharl said. "I will admit to finding it hard to trust the Dominion but I am hopeful that at least this one time they will not cause any trouble. Then again what is the old Earth saying hope for the best, prepare for the worst?"

"That's very true, Lieutenant." Dory said looking at the engineer. "It'll take a while for any trust to be built up between the Federation and Dominion. Hopefully, at some point there will be diplomatic relations that will allow us to explore this quadrant."

"Indeed, I bet there's many wonders to discover in this quadrant. We just need to be left alone to do it." Fredricks commented.

Kagami was glad to hear that she was not the only one with misgivings regarding The Dominion. The Founders could have simply declared the Gamma Quadrant off limits and picketed their side of the wormhole. Instead they attempted to foment discord among the Alpha and Beta Quadrant powers, suborned the Cardassians and attempted an outright war of conquest.

"I am afraid that any attempt to explore would be seen as spying," she said aloud, "In my experience many people of ill will do in fact ascribe their motives onto others, whether justified or not."

"At the moment, yes." Dory piped up. "But hopefully in the future, we can open the doors of negotiation and friendship with the Dominion."

"I wouldn't be so sure. I don't think I'll ever fully trust the Dominion again." Fredricks added somberly.

"That is probably wise." Thett shook her head.

"They lost and they've headed back to the Gamma Quadrant with their tails tucked between their legs. There is nothing to worry about now, I assure you." Dory said still smiling.

Kagami turned in her seat to regard the lieutenant Commander and debated whether or not to contradict him. He seemed pretty young and full of himself, she thought. It was possible he had never suffered any real setbacks.

"Let's hope you are right, sir," was all she said as she turned back to her station to monitor the ship's systems.

"I have a career of being right, behind me." Dory said with a beaming smile.

Fredricks decided to ignore the Commander's big headedness. "Lieutenant Sh'zorrerh, is there anything on your scanners?"

Thett shook her head, "Nothing of concern. There is a Wadi trading vessel on long-range scanners."

"Any signs of it being suspicious?" Fredricks asked, looking at his tactical officer.

Dory smiled, "I very much doubt a Wadi trading vessel is going to be any threat to us."

Kagami attempted to keep her face studiously neutral. Just how did this guy achieve command rank? Aloud she said, "Perhaps it sounds like paranoia, but there is a history of innocuous vessels being employed as spy ships. I am not saying the Wadi ship is hostile but we cannot rule out the possibility the Dominion is keeping close tabs on us somehow. I recommend keeping an eye on it, at least."

"Undoubtedly, as we would with them, however, they aren't silly enough to try anything." Dory replied in a smug tone.

"Do please keep believing that commander," Naois commented dryly, "and allow us more experienced officers to make such considerations. Any vessel can appear innocent, and any vessel can become an aggressor. Appearances can, in fact, be quite deceiving, if one has the right technology to do so."

Suddenly, Britannic was thrown out of warp. All power was lost as the bridge went dark. The whole bridge crew were thrown violently forwards as the Britannic tumbled out of warp.


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