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Personal Request

Posted on Fri Sep 17th, 2021 @ 10:25am by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant Thetteth Sh'zorrerh

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Lieutenant Sh'zorrerh's Quarters
Timeline: 23rd November, 2375 - 2030 Hours

The events of the morning had been playing over and over again in the Captain's mind. He wasn't generally one to let things get to him but Zirvell getting into a shuttle without being challenged greatly troubled him. However, the young Cardassian also worried him. He seemed very young for his age and needed help with confidence.

Fredricks found himself standing outside Britannic's Security Chief's quarters with a personal request he wanted to ask. He pressed the door chime and waited for permission to enter.

"Enter." Thett looked up from her silk painting, setting the brush onto the platter and assessing the pattern element she'd just completed. She'd have to keep this one for herself, she'd definitely messed it up, but not enough to toss it. Most people would call it perfect, but there was one line out of place that her brother would never accept on a formal coat.

"Captain!" She stood from where she was kneeling when she realized who it was, "To what do I owe the pleasure?"

Lukas raised his hand, "Please, Lieutenant, don't get up on my account. I'm sorry for interrupting your off time but I was wondering if I could speak to you regarding a personal matter."

Thett gestured to her simple couch before settling back down on her knees and holding her sleeve back as she picked up her brush. "You are always welcome to speak with me regarding personal matters so long as it doesn't affect missions, captain. What, specifically, is this about?"

Fredricks gave an awkward nod before checking the corridors to make sure he wasn't seen entering another officers quarters before stepping in. "Zirvell." He said simply and he made his way to the couch and perched on the edge. "I was wondering if you could teach him some self defence. To help him gain some confidence as well as helping him interact with others. I believe he has had a very difficult upbringing and I want to help him as much as possible."

Painting a thin, even line, Thett spoke, without a change in expression: "Self-defense is an excellent way to gain confidence, but not necessarily as good to improve social skills. I can teach him to defend himself, but he will have to teach himself how to interact with others. All we can do on that is push him into being social and be patient when he's wrong on how to go about it. However hard a life he's had, I expect you will attempt to make the rest of his life better. I am willing to help. I'm available to teach him at 1500 on Tuesdays, I can push my runs back."

"My hope is with him joining the onboard school that will help him socialise with others and the self-defence will boost his confidence for him to socialise easily at school." Fredricks said as he relaxed a little more. He wasn't sure how the Lieutenant would take to him asking. "I appreciate you willing to give up your time to teach Zirvell, but I want to just reiterate that this isn't an order, simply a request from a concerned guardian."

"Whether or not it is an order, it comes from my captain. If you're concerned for your ward, I'm concerned for him as well." Thett set her brush down and softly blowed on the silk, watching it dry, "... and, if I were a lost, troubled teenager who didn't know if his next move could get him abandoned again, I'd want to be learning how to fend for myself. I see a lot of fight missing from his eyes. He deserves somewhere safe, and if he has to fight his past to get it I'd like to help."

Thett finally turned the pattern to show Fredricks, "What do you think?"

"It's beautiful." Fredricks replied looking at the pattern. He paused for a moment before getting back to the topic at hand. "I appreciate you're willingness to help Zirvell. He deserves a safe place to live his life. I intend to give him all the tools he needs to do it."

"Then I will do my best to teach him this skill." Thett lifted the robe onto the drying rack and began gathering her paint tools, "Starting Tuesday at 1500."

The Captain stood up, "I'll let him know. Thank you again, Lieutenant."

"Of course, Captain." Thett tidied up her painting area as he prepared to leave.

"I'll leave you in peace to continue your evening. My apologies for disturbing you." Fredricks said as he moved towards the door.

"It was no bother." She set the replicated tools in the replicator to reclimate them, nodding, "Goodbye, Captain. Please make sure Zirvell comes dressed appropriately."

Fredricks nodded, "I will." He replied before making a swift exit from the Lieutenant's quarters.


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