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New Recruit

Posted on Mon Sep 20th, 2021 @ 8:17pm by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Lieutenant Kagami Ishizaka

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Ready Room
Timeline: 23rd November, 2375 - 1045 Hours

Captain Fredricks sat at his ready room desk and simply stared out of the window. He didn't focus on anything in particular although Starbase 375 was clearly visible. Instead, he let his mind wander to the mission at hand. Transporting 2000 Jem'Hadar and Vorta prisoners wasn't going to he a walk in the park and so soon after the war, his crew would need to be professional and put any personal feels aside. They needed to get to the coordinates in the Gamma Quadrant then they would be the Dominion's problem.

Late. Late, late, late! Kagami fidgeted as her orders were examined at the airlock. The security chief on watch was methodical and raised an eyebrow at her "luggage" but if he had any opinions he kept them to himself. Normally officers had a chance to get settled in a bit, freshen up, unload their gear before seeing the captain. But under the circumstances...

"Turbolift's just down the hall, lieutenant," he said, "If you rush you just might-"

"Thanks!" Kagami cried over her shoulder as she dashed down the corridor, duffel bag bouncing against her hip, Oz squawking in protest despite her attempts to not cause the cage to shake.

Two minutes later she was on the bridge. Personnel turned and stared at her. Well, the violet hair was bound to get that reaction, as well as the eyes. And Oz, of course, chittering in his cage under the sheet. She reached the ready room door, took a breath-

"If I only had a brain!" Oz chirped.

Kagami pressed the ready room door bell...

The door chime broke Fredricks deep stare out of the window, making him blink and his eyes began to sting as he hadn't blinked for a while. "Come in." He said turning to face the ready room door.

Kagami entered the ready room and thought belatedly that perhaps she should have left her things outside. She looked like a damned tourist, she thought. She waffled and began to set down the bird cage, then the duffel, then...

"Lions and tigers and bears!" Oz chirped.

Kagami sighed, set both duffel and cage down and said, "Lieutenant Ishizawa reporting for duty, Captain."

The Lieutenant struggling in and placing her belongs down gave Fredricks half a smile. "Welcome to the Britannic, I'm Captain Fredricks. Please take a seat." He said gesturing to the empty chairs in front of his desk. "I hope your journey here wasn't too boring."

"You mean the trip here to the ship or to where I am in life, sir?" Kagami inquired as she took the seat. Easy, she thought. No need to say something suspicious. You don't want him asking too many personal questions.

She looked around the ready room. Sometimes you could tell something about someone by how they decorated, their knick-knacks...

"The trip here, to Starbase 375." Fredricks replied as he looked around his sparsely decorated ready room to see what the Lieutenant was looking at.

"Hectic," she confessed, "Oz," she nodded at the cage and then removed the sheet, revealing a small Terran parrot seated on a perch. It turned it's head slowly around to get a good look at the ready room's occupants, "got loose so I missed my initial ride. I was fortunate enough to catch the Sirocco; Captain Mors was kind enough to detour just enough to allow the runabout to catch up with you."

She shrugged, "I am sorry about the bird but Oz's original owner...did not appreciate him. I have been taking care of him for some time. I take my obligations and responsibilities seriously, sir."

"Does it... escape often?" The Captain asked looking at the creature in the cage.

"Not often, no," Kagami replied, "I use my holodeck privileges to give him some time to exercise his wings. Someone had walked into the room just as I was finishing up and he shot out into the corridor."

"I'm guessing you can't train it not to do that?" Fredricks asked raising a curious eyebrow.

"Oz likes to be free," Kagami replied with a shrug, "I provide him with as much freedom as I can. As long as the doors are kept closed when he is out of his cage he is fine, s-"

"Ding dong, the witch is dead!" Oz whistled.

"...He is just being a brat today, sir." she slipped a finger into the cage and stroked his breast, the bird almost seemed to purr with delight.

"The witch is dead?" The Captain asked looking at the bird again. He wasn't against his crew having pets but he didn't want Britannic turning into a circus roaming the galaxy.

"Yes," Kagami said after a pause, "His original owner was a bit obsessed with The Wizard of Oz!" she decided to try and move the conversation away from witches, "Sir, on the way here I heard...rumors about our first mission, and I saw the unusual pod mounted to the ship. Is it true we are acting as a prison transport?"

Lukas couldn't help but smile, he remembered reading the Wizard of Oz to his children when they were smaller. He quickly pushed that memory to the back of his mind. "That's correct, Lieutenant. We're going to be transporting 2000 Jem'Hadar and Vorta back to the Gamma Quadrant as per the agreement at the end of the war. It should just be routine but we are taking every step to keep everyone on board safe. The prison pod is completely self-contained. They don't have access to the ship it's a beam in and out only."

"Well, this sounds like it will either be a very boring mission or something is going to go terribly wrong and will be the more horrific," Kagami noted, a touch ironically, "I will do everything in my power to make certain it remains the former, sir."

"I'm also hoping for all and boring but when the Jem'Hadar are concerned anything is possible. I need everyone at the best of they're ability on this mission." The Captain stated. "The prisoners should be arriving later this afternoon, however, you don't need to worry about that. Take the rest of the day to settle yourself and your bird and report for duty first thing in the morning. Any questions?"

Kagami wanted to protest, to say that she was ready to take her position as the ship left dock on it's mission. It was one of those situations where you needed to understand one's superior, to gauge their intentions. This could have been seen as a punitive act, a punishment for being late. Or it was simple pragmatism; other Operations officers were more familiar with the immediate mission and placing Kagami on the bridge was simply not wise. Or it could have been both.

But Kagami was sizing her new boss up. He didn't seem at all petty. She considered objecting anyway and changed her mind. Nodding, she said, "Of course, sir. I will be ready first thing."

"Excellent. Again, welcome aboard the Britannic. I'm happy to have you and your bird here with us." Fredricks said as he stood up and offered his right hand to the Lieutenant.

Kagami stood almost too fast, she reached out and shook the captain's hand, hoping that she had somehow salvaged things from a disastrous start. Her mind was already on whom was going to be on the bridge when they departed and whether or not they would be a potential rival; just because she was Chief of Operations now didn't mean she would be next month.

Fredricks smiled as he watched the new Ops Chief leave his office. She seemed like a good office and they were hard to find these days.


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