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White Arriving

Posted on Mon Sep 20th, 2021 @ 8:21pm by Lieutenant Commander John Dory

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Cargo bay
Timeline: 23rd November, 2375 - 0900 Hours

Lieutenant Commander John Dory was the first to arrive in the Cargo bay. As soon as he heard the ship carrying the Ketrocel White was approaching he contacted Doctor Marion and asked for her to meet him in the cargo bay so the white could be signed off.

She entered and glanced around, locating the Commander with a nod of her head she walked toward him. "Back to work it looks like."

"Unfortunately so." John replied with a warm smile. "The Ketrocel White is just about to arrive. I wanted you to just verify its of good quality before we accept delivery."

"Yes . . . wouldn't want to poison them . . . " Though she left no clue as to whether she was serious or not. "Bring me a sample when it gets here and I'll test it. Does this mean our guests are due to arrive as well?"

"The first batch should be arriving any minute hence why I asked you here." Dory said keeping his tone even and professional. "Our guests will be arriving this afternoon, I'm led to believe that they won't need any white until tomorrow morning."

"Good, some time to test it then. Alright well . . . I'd offer you some tea while we waited but this isn't exactly the place for it. Perhaps we should put in a request to have a sofa placed in the cargo bay for people waiting on things to arrive."

"Somehow I don't think your Captain will authorise it, especially if it came from me." Dory replied as a nearby console beeped and he moved over to it. "Looks like the transport is here and is ready to send over a test sample."

Aggie nodded, there wasn't much else to say or do until she had the samples in her hand. "How many guests are we expecting when they arrive? I can't recall if you mentioned before."

"Just the 2000 Jem'Hadar and Vorta prisoners." Dory said with a smirk. "I think the official numbers or 1889 Jem'Hadar and 111 Vorta."

"Only, that's a lot of guests to keep happy. This stuff better be up to the job. You know, I recall reading a paper about how Jem'Hadar are born and raised. It was very interesting. It seems they're born with all of these . . . instincts. In fact they're genetically designed to be. Made me think a lot about genetic influence in Earth history."

"Which is why genetic engineering was banned on Earth and later the Federation. We don't want any Khan Singh's running around trying to take over the galaxy." John replied as he tapped a few controls on the console. A few moments later a small canister appeared on the cargobay's transporter PADD. "Which is why the Dominion had to addict the Jem'Hadar to the Ketrocel White to keep them loyal and obedient."

Marion nodded as she moved towards the small canister, taking out her tricorder as she went. She bent down and scanned the container. A few moments later her tricorder beeped. "Seems like this is the good stuff."

Dory smiled, "Very well, I'll notify them to beam the whole delivery into the cargobay and get security to guard it. Thank you for your help, Doctor."

Agatha smiled at John as she stood up straight. "Not a problem, Commander." She said before she made a swift exit.


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