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Unexpected Vistors

Posted on Tue Nov 2nd, 2021 @ 9:52am by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Yelgrun & First Avakat'tug & Lieutenant Commander Naois Mercy

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Transporter Room 1
Timeline: 23rd November, 2375 - 1410 Hours

"So, any ideas who these guests might be, number one?" Lukas asked Naois as they entered the transporter room. Fredricks gave a small nod of acknowledgement to the chief as they did.

"I do not know," the Vulcan first officer answered, "Jem'Hadar soldiers perhaps? To oversee the safe transport of the prisoners?"

"Dory didn't mention anything about overseers." Lukas replied as he came to a stop in front of the transporter PADD. "Although, I didn't want him here for this. I still don't trust him fully."

"Why would he give us full details," Naois scoffed, "I do not trust him at all. He tried to get himself included in reports from engineering and security, but I have effectively barred him from that. Any reports are to be sent to you and me first, before he gets to see anything. And I will be making certain those are redacted."

Lukas took a long breath, he understood his first officers caution and supported it but Dory seemed to have Admiral Oban's ear which could lead to trouble further down the line. "Be careful, number one, I have a feeling he has powerful friends. Don't make unnecessary enemies, keep him in the loop but I agree that we should be the ones to find out information first."

"He will receive the information he needs, but only what he needs." Naois shrugged. "I have no care for his powerful friends. Our safety comes first at all times, and if that means distrusting him and keeping information from him so be it. At least those prisoners are well away from access to ship's systems, and security would do well to make sure nothing is tampered with before we depart."

"Indeed. Have Engineering do regular checks on all systems to make sure there isn't anything untoward going on. We have a long journey ahead and once we enter the Gamma Quadrant we will be by ourselves." The Captain replied.

"Of course." The Vulcan offered a slight nod in acknowledgement. "We will keep the ship at yellow alert from the moment we travel by ourselves."

"A wise precaution." Lukas replied on agreement.

"They're ready to beam aboard, Captain." The transporter chief stated.

"Very well, chief. Energise."

A few moments later two figures appeared on the transporter PADD. One Vorta and one Jem'Hadar. Fredricks first instinct was to call for red alert and find the nearest weapons locker, however, he pushed those feelings aside as the Vorta stepped down off the PADD followed by the Jem'Hadar.

"Greetings, Captain Fredricks and Commander Mercy." The Vorta said with a smile on his face. "I'm Yelgrun, the Vorta in change of the prisoners and this is the Jem'Hadar First Avalat'tug. Thank you for agreeing to meet with us."

Fredricks tensed immediately when he saw who stood on the transporter pad. It wasn't that long ago they were considered enemies. Although a peace treaty had been signed, Fredricks still felt uncomfortable around them. "It's not a problem, Yelgrun. If you don't mind, we'll have this discussion here in the transporter room before transporting you to the Prison pod."

"You still don't trust us, do you Captain?" Yelgrun asked with a smile. "I suppose I can't blame you, however, you have my...our word that this transfer will go smoothly. Myself and the First here will keep them in line. All I ask is that you deliver the Ketrocel White on promptly when it's required."

"My Chief Medical Officer will make sure you receive the Ketrocel White at the correct times. You have nothing to worry about, we want this to go as smoothly as you do. I'm sure all you want to do is return home to the Gamma Quadrant." Fredricks replied.

"Actually, the majority of the Jem'Hadar are Alpha's. We were bred in this quadrant." The First said stepping forward and glaring at the Vulcan first officer. "This is our home."

"Perhaps," Naois answered calmly, "but your species is not native to the alpha quadrant, your home planet, insofar we know, is in the gamma quadrant. Also, I was led to believe your designation was due to hierarchy, not origin "

"It is but we don't consider the Gamma Quadrant our home." The first replied bluntly.

"Well, the Founders consider the Gamma Quadrant their home and we serve them so that is where we shall return." Yelgrun replied.

"The terms of the treaty state, all Dominion citizens are to return to the Gamma Quadrant." Fredricks stated. "I just want to reasonable transition so you can return to the Founders and my crew can return home without incident. If there's nothing more to discuss then I shall have you beamed to the prison pod with the rest of your contingent."

"I'm glad you refused that promotion at the end of the war. A good officer like you should be out here not stuck behind a desk with a Commodore's bar on your collar." Yelgrun said with a cheeky grin. "Will Commander Dory be visiting us in the pod?"

"I consider it likely that he will try, but the level of success depends on our security teams stopping that from happening," Naois answered grimly.

Fredricks nodded, "No Starfleet personnel will be going into the pod while you and your troops are here. There is no access to the ship and if there is any trouble I will jettison the pod and inform your superiors where we've left you."

"Now now, Captain, there's no need for threats. We have been very well behaved during our stay with Starfleet, we don't want any trouble now. After all, home is where the heart is." Yelgrun replied, a sly smile crept across his face.

"My men follow my orders and they will obey them." The Jem'Hadar first added, his jaw clenched.

"Of course they will," the Vulcan first officer answered curtly, "because the captain will jettison the pod at the first sign of trouble."

"There's no need for threats. We'll keep the troops in line, you make sure we get to our destination on time." Yelgrun replied as he stepped back onto the transporter pad. "If you could beams us to the pod now please."

The Jem'Hadar First eyeballed both Fredricks and Mercy before stepping onto the pad. Captain Fredricks turned to the transporter chief and gave him the nod. Moments later they were gone.

"Were they gloating, number one?" Fredricks asked as he turned to his first officer.

"I do not know, but something feels off about this entire situation," the half-Vulcan reported, "I cannot explain why I have this feeling."

"I'm sure it's nothing. Head to the Prison pod control centre and see how the transfer is going. I'll head to the bridge." The Captain said with a nod before he headed for the door.


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