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Posted on Wed Sep 15th, 2021 @ 7:12pm by Captain Lukas Fredricks & Zirvell Khen

Mission: Mission 2: Pied Piper
Location: Fredriks Family Quarters
Timeline: Following "Big Trouble?"

Zirvell made his way straight home, passed Oliver on a hair's breadth as he disappeared into the bathroom. He made it there just in time and he vomited, until his stomach was completely empty and he was left dry-heaving for a minute or so.

He washed his face, not even looking at his reflection, then silently made his way into his own bedroom. He looked around the small room, his small room. Small but enough for him, more than he ever had to call his own after his father abandoned him. Only now did he wipe the tears from his eyes and let himself fall onto the bed.

His body shook with silent sobs, not wanting to make a sound to draw attention. He just... wanted to be left alone. For now.

"What's going on?" Oli asked as he watched Zirvell disappear and his sister walked in behind him with a face like thunder. "Tell me."

"It's not good." Adele simply replied as she slowly walked to the couch and sat.

A minute or so later Lukas walked in, still in his bathrobe. "Where's Zirvell?" He asked as he looked at the twins.

"In the can." Oli replied. "What's going on?"

Lukas frowned at Oliver's use of language for the bathroom but let it slip for now. "I want to speak to all three of you."

Hearing the captain's voice, Zirvell listened carefully, or at least he tries to but couldn't really through the closed door. He sighed and turned himself facing away from the door, hoping to be left alone. Hoping, none would intrude on him.

Adele went over to the bathroom. "Zirvell, dad wants to speak to us." She said softly through the door.

There was no answer, as the Cardassian was no longer in the bathroom. So, the soft call went unheard, and unanswered.

"Zirvell, come out please." Lukas said in a loud ish tone.

Hugging his floppy 'Happy Horse' bunny tight to his chest, Zirvell came inching out of his room. It was plainly obvious the boy was nervous, and wasn't feeling very well. Not even looking at the others, he made his way to the couch and sat down in the furthest corner possible.

"Ah, Zirvell." Lukas said seeing him emerge from his room. "Come and sit down. All of you, please " he added as he adjusted his bathrobe and pulled out his desk chair and turned it to face the three of them.

Oli was still confused but did as he was instructed, so did Adele.

Not sure what else was expected of him, Zirvell curled up in his corner of the couch. One hand idly let the bunny's tail end label slip through his fingers while the other hand found an interest in one of the ears. It was a very strange experience for him, to even have someone look out for him. Especially when his father never so much as even acknowledged his existence. Especially not after his mother and sisters had been killed. Slowly, he looked up still waiting for Lukas to speak. And only now, he seemed to notice the man's lack of proper dress.

"I know this situation is difficult for you all. A new life in a strange place. Oliver and Adele are still coming to terms with losing their mother. Zirvell is still getting used to a life in space away from his home." Lukas said at length. "However, I can not have you putting your lives and those on this ship at risk like you did today, Zirvell and Adele. I understand your curiosity with the new surroundings but you are both of an age that I'd expect you to know the difference between right and wrong."

"I was just wanting to be alone and just look at it," Zirvell whispered unhappily, "I wasn't going to touch anything...." He didn't want to put any blame on Adele but if he had to be truthful, he had only touched anything by accident, because she had startled him!

"I followed Zirvell. I saw him sneak out and wondered what he was up too." Adele said honestly. "I made him jump on the shuttle which made him press something he shouldn't. Before we knew it the shuttle closed the rear hatch and lifted off the ground."

Lukas listened to his daughter before looking at Zirvell. "Is this true?"

Zirvell nodded slowly. "I didn't know how to fix it," he admitted, "I didn't know what to do. I did try to fix it but I think it made things worse." He bit his lip, looking down again. "I didn't know how to fix it," he said again, his voice small and quivering, as if he were about to cry again. Something, he didn't really want the others to see.

"Of course you didn't know how to stop it. You aren't a qualified pilot, neither are you Adele." Lukas said looking at both of the them. "Thank you for being honest with me and want you to know I believe you both. Growing up is about making mistakes as that's how we learn from them. I'm actually a little worried, that you were able to get into the shuttle bay and onto a shuttle without being challenged by a member of the crew."

"There was no-one there," Zirvell pointed out, then hesitated. "That is... I didn't see anyone..." He turned his head towards Adele. "Did you?"

Adele shook her head. "No, I know it was early-ish but there was no one about, which surprised me."

"Wait, you and Zirvell stole a shuttle?!" Oli said with a smirk. "That's so cool. Didn't think you had it in you sis!"

Lukas shot his son a sharp look. "Oliver!" He snapped.

"What?!" Oli replied with a shrug of his shoulders. "Aren't you proud it wasn't me?"

"This is hardly the time for joking about, Oliver." Fredricks said unamused by his sons attitude.

"And we didn't steal anything!" Zirvell spat at the other boy, "we didn't go anywhere did we? It was an accident." Though still anxious, the Cardassian boy managed a full glare at the other boy. "It's nothing to be proud of at all, or even jealous about. It wasn't supposed to happen!"

"I'm sorry it happened." Lukas replied honestly. "There has been a failure aboard the ship, I'll need to speak to the first officer about it. Either of you shouldn't have been able to get on board that shuttle." Fredricks had a lengthy pause. "None of you should be going to anywhere that they shouldn't. I shouldn't need to spell it out that you don't go to sensitive areas of the ship. All three of you are old enough to know you shouldn't be going to places like the bridge, engineering, the shuttle bay."

The fire that had briefly appeared in the boy's eyes when he had retaliated against Oliver, was extinguished just as quickly at the captain's words. He bowed his head again, swallowing back the tears he felt would fall once again. "I just wanted somewhere quiet, and alone," he finally whispered, "that was all...."

"I'm sorry for following you Zirvell, I didn't mean for either of us to get into trouble. I just wanted to make sure you were ok." Adele paused for a moment. "It's been a difficult transition for me and Oli but it must be 100 times worse for you. I was...just looking out for you."

Zirvell looked up and cast her a small smile. "I've never had anyone look out for me before," he whispered, not at all certain how to deal with how he felt about that. "Please don't stop doing that just... allow me to be on my own once in a while?"

Adele nodded, "I'll give you some space I promise."

"I'm glad that's been sorted, however, your punishment will stand although amended ever so slightly. You'll only be allowed out of the quarters for educational purposes only. The rest of the time you'll spend in here. I don't relish using such punishment but I feel it needs to be done." Lukas explained.

Oli sniggered, "So, it's just me who can come and go as I please then." He said with a large grin on his face.

"Carry on, young man and you'll be joining the punishment for being a smart ass." His father warned.

Zirvell cast Oli a brief glare. "You're only jealous," he snipped before finally looking up at Lukas. "That is fair," he finally said, after a brief silence, "for how long?" For someone who had lived pretty much in the open air for several months, being in closed quarters could become pretty claustrophobic. "Can I still see the counselor?"

"A week should suffice." Lukas said looking at the young Cardassian. He was quite surprised that he was forthcoming about needing to see a counselor. "Unfortunately, we don't have a counselor on board at the moment. Starfleet is still struggling with manpower problems, part of the effects of the war that lingers on."

"Oh..." Zirvell fidgeted a little. "Then who do I talk to instead? There was a counselor when I first came aboard...where did she go then? I don't remember her name though.." There were so many names to remember, he barely remembered half of them.

"She stayed behind to help others on your planet. I lost a couple of crew members who wanted to help. I won't ever get in the way of people's choice unless it's a dangerous one." Lukas said. "I'm hopeful of getting a replacement but when I'm not to sure. I suppose the next best person would be Doctor Marion."

"I liked her," the young Cardassian said, offering an almost shy smile now, "she was nice to me." He fidgeted a little. "Can I go back to my room now?"

Lukas nodded, "I've got a very important and busy day ahead of me. I'd appreciate it if you all stayed out of trouble." He said as he stood up. "Suppose I best go and have my shower and get ready for duty." He added before wandering towards the fresher.


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