Lieutenant Sharl Ra'ito

Name Sharl Ra'ito

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Antican
Age 47
Place of Birth the town of Largran, on the planet Antica
Languages Federation Standard, Antical

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 125 lbs
Hair Color White
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Sharl has dark brown skin he has the extend cranium of his species and head ridges. Sharl has white fur that covers the majority of his body except for the head and face. Like many of his species he keeps his eyebrows long so that the fur extends to the jaw line and blinds into the beard.


Spouse none
Children None
Father Jarlan Ra'ito
Mother Parla Ra'ito
Brother(s) Bvar Ra'ito(two years older than Sharl), Gamla Ra'ito (Four years older than Sharl)
Sister(s) Varal-Brata (a year younger than Sharl)
Other Family Carbar Brata (husband to Varal) , Cama Brata (1st born daughter of Carbar and Varal), Gingm Brata (2nd born daughter of Carbar and Varal)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Off duty Sharl is a easy going person. On duty he is focused on the job before him.
Strengths & Weaknesses Sharl is a hard worker who dislikes leaving a job uncompleted.
Ambitions Sharl would like to be assigned to the core of engineers eventually commanding a ship of his own.
Hobbies & Interests Playing the Raylan Flute

Personal History 2328: Sharl was born in the small seaside town of Largran where his parents ran the family owned beach side resort. Sharl spent in youth playing on the golden sands and swimming in the deep blue waters of the Tarlin sea. In the evenings Sharl would often wander down to the town center were musicians would often gather to play music. There met Tarl Op'Ba'Fin who would end up teaching him to play the rallan flute.

2340: Two weeks after his twelfth birthday Sharl's father announced that it was time for him to get a job. His father further announced that Sharl was to report to the nearby marina the next morning for his first day on the job. Sharl was understandably surprised but found that His father would not hear any objections. So in this way Sharl found himself employed as a general laborer at the marina tasked with assisting Brata G'Ha'ta with maintaining the boats docked at the marina.

2342: He kept this job for two years until the marina owner was found to be a front for a Ferengi weapons merchant who was using the marina as a credit washing operation. The owner was sent to a penal colony and the marina came under new management who let the old staff go and brought in a new staff. Sharl was not unemployed for long as his father gave him a job at the resort in the maintenance department. During this time he began to think about what he wanted to do for the rest of his life and studied many different options eventually settling on joining Starfleet.
Service Record 2344: Sharl entered Starfleet Academy specializing in engineering. During his first year at the Academy he meet D'brea (a Caitian female) a fellow engineering cadet. While friends the two often were at odds with each other. Sharl soon found he harbored romantic feelings for D'brea but was reluctant to act on them

2345: Sharl finally admitted his feelings to D'brea who admitted to an attraction to Sharl a brief romantic relationship ensured but after three months the relationship was ended by mutual decision as it had become apparent they were better at being friendly rivals than anything else.

2348: Sharl graduated from Starfleet Academy and assigned to the USS Taurus (NCC-1976) a Miranda Class vessel, as a impulse specialist and was assigned to the Gamma shift.

2350: The Taurus was damaged during a mapping mission of the NCX-05 star system. The ship was struck by several meteoroids while conducting a survey of the systems fourth asteroid belt. The Taurus returned to the Antares ship yard for repairs while there the ship's impulse engines were upgraded with more fuel efficient reactors they were in dry dock for six months before returning to active service.

2352: Sharl was made the duty engineer for the Gamma shift putting. The Taurus was assigned to ferry a group of scientist to the Tribo Observatory near the Gorn border, this observatory was set up to monitor the Tribo Nebula and the star cluster forming within it. While enroute to the observatory the ship lost power due to a back pulse in the primary plasma conduits causing the conduits to rupture in several places. and drifted into the Tribo nebula. A runabout was sent from the observatory to the Taurus to pick up the scientists and aid in repairing the ship. It took three days of work to finally restore power.

2365: Sharl was transferred to the USS Abu Bekr (NCC-65521) ,a New Orleans class vessel, as one of the ships engineering officers. He was primarily tasked with general maintenance on the ship's power systems. At this time Sharl received a promotion to Lieutenant jg.

2369: During a mission to the GSR-434 Star system the Abu Bekr's chief engineer is killed during an away mission, Sharl is promoted to the Assistant Chief Engineer position after the pervious ACEO was promoted to department head.

2373: The Dominion War starts. The Abu Bekr takes part in Battle of Torros III the ship is destroyed. Sharl and most of the crew make it to life boats and is rescued by the USS Lagrange and taken to starbase 243. Sharl was transferred from starbase 243 to the USS Pellione (NCC-62501), an Akira class vessel, as the ship's Assistant Chief Engineer.

2375: The Pellione takes part in the Battle of Cardassia and is heavily damaged. The Pellione makes its way to starbase 112 for repairs. The Dominion War ends and after a short leave to visit family Sharl was transferred to the USS Britannic as the ships Chief Engineer with a promotion to full Lieutenant.